We approach our partnerships with the same standards as we do for our internal cooperation, with a people-orientated, innovative and long-term approach. We are open at all times to meaningful and intelligent partners and are happy to actively develop them.

We continuously support our clients on their journeys, supporting them through their current challenges. We regularly review our business model and adapt it to current and future needs.


We regard our client relationships as long-term partnerships based on trust and reliability. It is extremely important to us to understand and get to know our clients. This enables us to provide tailor-made services and introduce optimum concepts and suggestions.


The Sulzer brand is synonymous with long-term partnerships. We practice this self-evident approach both with our customers and with our many partners. We confront the current challenges of a globalised IT world with innovative and intelligent approaches. Strong partnership models are our answer to our clients’ needs and the market environment. We do this ...

  • as a general contractor
  • as a subcontractor
  • on an equal footing

As a general contractor, Sulzer has been successfully managing mid-sized consortia for maintenance and development services with some of our clients since 2009. This construct enables us to offer competitive prices involving well-known and proven experts in the client’s environment: That is to say the best of both worlds – globalisation and continuity in one. Our strong partnership of mid-sized companies, enhanced by offshore and nearshoring capacities, presents a real mid-sized alternative to “the big boys” and helps to retain existing expertise on site.


We also have outstanding expertise and, in some cases, partnerships in selected standard software to meet the new challenges of the market and especially those of our clients.

The portfolio of products and technologies we use is therefore constantly being expanded.

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