IT-Trendkongress 2021: Sulzer presents Smart White Dwarf
IT-Trendkongress 2021: Sulzer presents Smart White Dwarf

IT-Trendkongress 2021: Sulzer presents Smart White Dwarf

On April 6, Sulzer will present Smart White Dwarf, an innovative business solution that leads vehicle planning in the automotive industry into Industry 4.0, at the digital IT-Trendkongress 2021.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the driving forces for innovation and digital transformation. Learning systems are changing production processes and forming the basis for new business models. At the digital “IT-Trendkongress Sachsen-Anhalt 2021 – Big Data and AI in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering”, Alfred Peisl, Competence Area Manager Software Technologies at Sulzer, will speak about “Smart White Dwarf (SWD) – Revolutionary Efficiency at the Speed of Light” in the session “Industry” starting at 10:15 am.


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For production and planning, the automotive industry determines the specific parts requirements for millions of vehicle orders every day. Until now, this has been extremely computationally and memory-intensive, and the result volumes offer little scope for flexible evaluations. Alfred Peisl will show how Smart White Dwarf remedies this situation with new algorithms and new technologies – and delivers evaluations extremely quickly and efficiently with very little memory.


Following the session, Alfred Peisl will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about SWD and its possible applications, and to discuss the challenges of digital transformation with you.


We hope you enjoy the virtual exchange and networking!


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