Sustainability and social commitment – partnership with AfB
Sustainability and social commitment – partnership with AfB

Sustainability and social commitment – partnership with AfB

With our decommissioned laptops, docking stations, PCs and the like, we are now securing jobs for people with disabilities, conserving valuable resources and saving energy.

The inclusion company AfB social & green IT specializes in the responsible disposal and recycling of used company hardware. Through the new partnership with the certified IT refurbisher, we are fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment and society even more.


AfB has already collected the first discarded hardware from the Munich branch. This is now being examined for its recyclability. In the next step, functioning electrical equipment will be refurbished, fitted with a new operating system and then sold. In this way, the life cycle of the devices is significantly extended. The avoidance of new production reduces emissions and conserves valuable resources. Equipment that cannot be resold is professionally dismantled and recycled.


Beyond this ecological contribution, used hardware at AfB is not only “green”, but also “social”. Because AfB is also a non-profit inclusion company: Of its more than 500 employees, around 45 percent are severely disabled. For this exceptional business model, AfB was awarded the German Sustainability Award 2021 and the Inclusion Award 2020.


An ideal partner for our efforts in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility. We look forward to further cooperation!


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