Sustainability: not a trend for us, but a conviction
Sustainability: not a trend for us, but a conviction

Sustainability: not a trend for us, but a conviction

Sulzer GmbH has recognized its responsibility for society and the environment. We therefore implement a consistent sustainability program.

Sulzer GmbH is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and focuses on sustainability, not only in IT consulting. We want to do our part to preserve our natural resources and therefore act sustainably ourselves. How do we do this?


First, we looked into the topic of circular economy and identified two fields of action. First, we try to make source code and its programming more sustainable with the project “Sulzer Green IT”. We focus on environmentally friendly programming in the development of software and ensure that our applications consume as little energy as possible. In this way, we can contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of our customers.


On the other hand, we see great potential in the hardware we use. For years, our Corporate IT has placed great emphasis on the sustainable use of hardware. This is why, for example, our notebooks are purchased rather than leased and thus remain in circulation longer than is usual for many companies. In this way, we reduce the need for new equipment and save valuable resources.


In addition to sustainable power from Green Globe Energy, more intensive maintenance doubles the life of our server components. Instead of the usual three years, we run them for at least six years and often replace them only when necessary.


Cooperation with non-profit partners


When hardware does have to be discarded, we have two strong partners to help. AfB takes over our discarded IT hardware such as laptops and monitors, refurbishes them and makes them available to the market as refurbished goods. AfB is Europe’s largest non-profit IT company, specializing in taking over used business IT, certified clearing, refurbishing and remarketing it.


Defective and damaged products are handed over to the “White Raven” for professional recycling. Weißer Rabe GmbH is one of the largest inclusion and employment companies in Upper Bavaria. The White Raven cares for, qualifies and employs long-term unemployed people with support needs.


We are proud to be able to contribute to sustainability in IT consulting and will continue to work to continuously improve our processes and measures in the future.


Dennis Faude

Dennis works as an expert for sustainability at Sulzer GmbH.

Dennis Faude, Sustainability Manager
Dennis Faude
Sustainability Manager