Virtual TISAX® theme day with record number of participants
Virtual TISAX® theme day with record number of participants

Virtual TISAX® theme day with record number of participants

With 55 participants, the latest virtual TISAX® information event organized by Sulzer GmbH and the BVMW, Munich and Ebersberg district association, set a new record. The urgency of the issue has reached the industry.
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We are pleased that the joint event format is meeting with such great interest among service providers in the automotive industry. “This is a sure sign that the topic has so slowly arrived in the industry,” says Goekhan Kurtbay, TISAX® expert and consultant at Sulzer GmbH. The participants were made up of a wide range of company sizes – from solopreneurs to large corporations.


“We always find that the biggest concerns revolve around duration, staffing and costs,” Goekhan Kurtbay knows. “TISAX® is a complex topic that is usually outside the participants’ area of expertise. That’s why we also always advise consulting with expert advisors who can significantly reduce the time and cost of TISAX® preparation.”


Providing basic TISAX® knowledge


“At our theme days, we clarify terminology and convey basic knowledge that helps companies estimate the time and effort required to prepare for the TISAX® assessment,” says Goekhan Kurtbay.


After four virtual workshops, the format has proven its worth: Christine Matheja, head of the Munich and Ebersberg district association of the BVMW, opened the event, after which Goekhan Kurtbay gave an overview of the topic and explained the most important terminology. In the following, Christian Schauler, Managing Director of CNX Consulting in Munich, told from practice how his company prepared for the TISAX® exam.


Finally, Imed Kaddachi, auditor at Deloitte gave an insight into his view on the topic. Questions from the participants were answered directly. “Ultimately, we want everyone to take away as much knowledge as possible from the workshop,” said Goekhan Kurtbay. He praised the close and successful cooperation with Christine Matheja from BVMW, who drummed up publicity for the topic of TISAX® and the workshops from the very beginning.


Free workshop including breakfast package


“We had started in 2019 to create awareness for the topic,” says Christine Matheja. After a few face-to-face events, a roadshow through Germany was planned, but had to be cancelled prematurely due to the pandemic. “Out of necessity, the online workshop was then born, and with the Weißwurst breakfast we create an additional incentive,” says Christine Matheja.


The Weißwurstfrühstück is sent to participants in advance via a delicatessen. In addition to high-quality sausages and delicacies as well as a bottle of non-alcoholic wheat beer, each package contains a personal cover letter as well as the BVMW entrepreneur newspaper “Der Mittelstand”. Sulzer GmbH donates the packages, participation in the workshop is free of charge.


“A lot of work goes into it,” says Christine Matheja, “but we’re not just doing it to get the urgency of dealing with TISAX® across to the companies, but also to strengthen the regions.”


More TISAX® theme days are planned.


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Gökhan Kurtbay, Senior Consulting TISAX®
Gökhan Kurtbay
Senior Consulting TISAX®